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A meeting of industrial and academic skills

Enertech Solution to achieve maximum energy efficiency

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Milan Polytechnic, with the aim of leading towards maximum energy efficiency, we are currently a leading company in the Energy Management technology and partner of several companies and organizations.

Our goal is to achieve continuous energy improvement of our customers through advanced solutions and high-level technology and management skills.

We offer professional services and products in the following three areas:

The most  dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.

– Shigeo Shingo

Energy efficiency

Energy mapping, analysis of critical aspects,
identification and analysis of interventions.
Definition of a sustainable implementation roadmap.

Design services

Project preparation for tenders, feasibility projects,
final and detailed projects, project management,
project verifications.

Technical real estate services

Architectural and plant surveys and due-diligence,
reconstruction of the building documentation,
technical-legal due diligence.

A multidisciplinary approach

Professional services and products based on personalized assets.

Independent of component vendors

We do not sell products but we help to find solutions to energy problems.

We are on the customer’s side

We define an improvement roadmap to obtain high energy performance and measurable overall benefits.

A way to improve energy efficiency

The benefits obtained

and clearness
Exact knowledge of energy problems and clearness on the improvement roadmap.
and control
Complete visibility, greater control, correct allocation of energy costs.
Reduction of energy costs - from 10% to 40% and more.
Reduction of maintenance and operating costs.
Reduced return on investment time.
and non-energy benefits
Reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, improve plant reliability, improve product quality, etc.
Improved image towards employees, customers, partners.

A successful 10-year history

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Engineering man-hours delivered